Evans Redevelopment Agency

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What is Urban Renewal?

The Evans Redevelopment Agency (ERA) was created by the City of Evans in 2009 to assist in the redevelopment of blighted and run-down neighborhoods and districts that were attracting little or no private investment and stimulate the transformation into attractive, thriving areas. We promote projects that supply public benefit, provide quality sustainable places, create jobs, promote public art, offer affordable housing and raise the standard of development in Evans. These projects are achievable through the coordinated partnerships of private and public entities, civic leaders, financial institutions and the use of tax increment financing. The objective of the Evans Redevelopment Agency is to facilitate development of balanced, sustainable environments where people, live work and come together as a community.

Who Serves on the Authority?
The City Council serves as the Redevelopment Agency and is governed by Colorado State Statutes.  The Authority is independent of any budgeting entity (such as the City or County). An annual audit is done through an independent auditing firm and an annual audit report is reviewed and approved by Authority members. The audit report is also included as part of the annual report by the City.

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