What to Know about Evans!

The City of Evans has all of the demographics that will make your business successful! We have an area population of over 294,000 in Weld County; we are 45 minutes north of Denver International Airport; Highway 34, I-25 and Highway 85 are minutes away, and our traffic counts grow monthly! The two major universities in the area bring students and visitors throughout the year, and our lower cost of living draws families and employers.


City of Evans Demographics 2018

Median Age28.6
  • Under 5 Years
  • 5-19 Years
  • 20-64 Years
  • 65+ Years

           24.4 %
           60.8 %
           6.1 %

Median Household Income$51,238
Per Capita Income$20,975
Housing Units7,023
  • Occupied
  • Vacant
  • Owner Occupied
  • Renter Occupied

97.1 %
           2.9 %

54.8 %
           45.2 %

High School Graduate/GED or Higher78.0%
Bachelors Degree or Higher13.9%
Incorporated Square Miles10.5

       Source: US Census Bureau - American Community Survey 2012-2016, City of Evans



White Alone, Not Hispanic50.2
Black or African American, Not Hispanic0.2
American Indian & Alaska Native, Not Hispanic0.4
Hispanic or Latino45.4

Source:  US Census Bureau (Some persons claim more than one race classification)


City of Evans Demographic Report