Sales/Use Tax Information

When did the City of Evans start self-collection of sales tax?

City of Evans began self-collection of sales tax January 1, 2011.

What is Evans sales tax rate?

As of July 1, 2020 the total sales tax rate in the City is 7.4%. This rate is made up of the following components:
City of Evans              4.5%
State of Colorado     2.9%
Total                           7.4%

Where do I file my Sales Tax Returns?

The City of Evans self collects local sales tax.  
You must register your business with the City of Evans and the Colorado Department of Revenue. Once you have registered your business, a City of Evans business license and tax return will be mailed to you.

Please remit the City of Evans sales and use tax to:
Sales Tax Division
PO Box 912324
Denver, CO 80291-2324

To obtain forms from the Colorado Department of Revenue, click on the link at the bottom of the page.

When do I charge customers the City sales tax?

The City sales tax is imposed on all sales (including food), leases or rentals of items sold in or delivered to Evans. Certain services such as cable TV, telephone, gas and electricity are also taxable. Professional services such as legal, advertising and accounting services are generally not taxable.

What if I deliver the item/service to an address located outside of the City limits?

You should contact the City where the item is delivered to determine if you need to collect that city's tax.

Accommodations Tax Return Form

Sales & Use Tax Form (fillable) Effective date July 1, 2020

Sales & Use Tax Form (non-fillable) Effective date July 1, 2020