2022 ECC Concrete Sidewalk Replacement Project

Beginning in the Spring of 2022, the City of Evans will break ground on the Evans Community Complex Concrete Sidewalk Replacement Project. The initiative is expected to be complete in late spring of 2022. The Evans Community Complex will remain fully functional during the construction. Any parking or doorway blockages will be short term and alternate routes will be made available.  Construction will have limited impact on residents who wish to use the Community Complex.

The 2022 Evans Community Complex Sidewalk Replacement project consists of concrete sidewalk removal and replacement of damaged or settled sidewalks in multiple areas of the Evans Community Complex. The city requests that the concrete that adjoins the expansion joint board be caulked and sealed with self-leveling concrete caulk. Once the new concrete is installed, the entire sidewalk network at the Evans Community Complex should be pressure washed to remove dirt, salt, and debris and, after drying, be sealed with a white concrete cure to the existing and to the new concrete surfaces to give a uniform appearance of all sidewalks throughout the complex. It is expected that expansion joint material may need to be installed adjacent to the building and the new sidewalk panels.

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