23rd Avenue lane closure in November

Residents and commuters should anticipate lane closures in the northbound lane of 23rd Avenue from 37th to 42nd Street from November 1st through 16th while the city repaves the northbound lanes. Residents should be aware that weather and supply delays are possible and we thank you for your patience.  At the completion of the project, this portion of 23rd Avenue (from 37th to 42nd Street) will be a four-lane arterial. Traffic will remain open in the southbound lane and traffic control will assist those looking to enter and exit the Mission Village housing development. 

About the 23rd Avenue Widening Project

In 2020, Evans completed the construction of the western half of the 23rd Avenue roadway from 37th Street to 42nd Street in conjunction with the development of Mission Village apartments and Mission Homestead (a Habitat for Humanity project). In 2022, together with assistance from Weld County, Evans will complete the design and construction of the eastern half of the roadway to create a 4-lane arterial road with 10-ft sidewalks on each side.

The new roadway provides one more access into and out of the Willowbrook Subdivison to the main east-west arterial roads (37th and 42nd Streets). This helps reduce some delays onto the east-west arterials at 29th Street. The proposed 4-lane arterial road is planned to handle additional traffic as Evans grows. This widened access will improve the overall flow north and south in Evans from the City limits to 42nd Street. Traffic signal improvements are planned for the 37th Street intersection. Post construction traffic evaluation in the 42nd Street intersection may lead to a traffic signal at this location in the future. Additional street lights will also be installed along the corridor. The design will allow for a future extension of Quay Street to the east.

Inquiries should be directed to City Engineer Mark Oberschmidt at (970) 475-1110, or at moberschmidt@evanscolorado.gov, if you have any questions.

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