Ballot Measure 2A Road Tax Update

Update 2022

In April 2020, Evans voters approved a 1% sales and use tax to be used exclusively for road maintenance and construction effective July 1, 2020, through June 30, 2027. 

City Staff presented a Road Tax Report to City Council on October 4, 2022 that described the work that has been completed using the 1% tax, as well as planned projects that will utilize the tax. Attached on this webpage is a copy of the presentation presented to City Council.   


BALLOT MEASURE 2A is a 1% sales tax solely allocated for Street Maintenance and Repair. The measure passed 1,485 to 716 in the City of Evans April 2020 Municipal Election. 


- The City will collect approximately $3 million in additional revenue that will be used exclusively for street maintenance and repair

- A 1% increase will raise Evans' sales and use tax rate from 3.5% to 4.5%

- This money would be used exclusively for road maintenance and widening

- The investment is similar to a special tax shoppers are already paying in Greeley to fix Greeley's roads

The City's road maintenance budget will triple, allowing many more roads to be resurfaced and dirt roads to be paved.

- Major roads will be widened on a faster timeline. The following road segments are the City's top priorities for arterial expansion:

  • 47th Avenue from 37th Street north
  • 37th Street from 35th Avenue west to Two Rivers Parkway
  • 65th Avenue from 37th Street south to 49th Street
  • 35th Avenue from Prairie View Drive south to 49th Street

Evans is a proud city with a family-like atmosphere. We're the type of community that waves to our
neighbors and helps those in need. Our residents are connected by our neighborhoods, schools,
employers, and streets. The City of Evans is proud of the progress we're making to improve roads city-wide, but we have much more work to do.

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