Help the Special Olympics through the Polar Plunge
Donate to the Special Olympics!

The Polar Plunge fundraiser for Special Olympics is happening on April 15th. This is a phenomenal event that our girls and boys in blue proudly participate in each year. They're going test their fortitude and sanity by diving head-first into Windsor Lake, and just like in previous years, the look on their faces when they emerge from the tundra will be similar to the look you'd give your dentist if he dropped in a dad joke in the middle of a tooth extraction. Talk about comedic timing! 🫤
We invite you to come out and support the Special Olympics athletes and the police. There's a 5K and post-plunge activities as well. All proceeds go to help the athletes.  And if you plan to donate to the Evans PD team, we promise it will feel better than a tooth extraction from your hilarious dentist.
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