Planning Commission

Planning Commission has two vacancies. Applications are being accepted now.

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The Planning Commission is an advisory board appointed by City Council to make recommendations regarding land use. This five-member advisory board meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 6:00 pm. Should a work session be required, the time will be posted in the agenda.

Planning Commission
Kalen Myers, Chair
Mark LeClere
David Woolman
Beth Campbell


VACANT, alternate

Created under Chapter 12 of the Evans City Charter, the powers and duties of the Planning Commission are outlined below and is subject to review and final approval by the Council, the Commission shall have the power and shall be required to:
     A.  Make, amend and add to the master plan for the physical development of the city as defined in Chapter 12, Section 12.6 of the City Charter;
     B.  Exercise control over platting or subdividing land with the city, as defined in Chapter 12, Section 12.7 of the City Charter;
     C.  Draft for the city council an official map of the city and recommend or disapprove proposed changes in such map;
     D.  Make and recommend as provided in Chapter 12, Section 12.9 of the City Charter, a zoning plan for the city and recommend or disapprove    proposed changes in such a plan;
     E.  Make and recommend as provided in Chapter 12, Section 12.10 of the City Charter, plans for the clearing and rebuilding of slum district and blighted areas within the city;
     F.  Request information which shall be furnished within a reasonable time from the other departments of the city government in relation to its work;
     G.  Make and adopt plans for the re-planning, improvements, and re-development of neighborhoods;
     H.  Any additional powers and duties required to be exercised by the Planning Commission under state law.