Zoning Board of Appeals

This five (5) member advisory board is appointed by the City Council and meets on a as needed basis. Currently, the board is made up of Planning Commission members.

Created under Chapter 12 of the Evans City Charter, the powers and duties of the Zoning Board of Appeals are outlined as follows:
The board shall have the power to hear and determine appeals from refusals of building permits and to permit exceptions to or variations from the zoning regulations in accordance with the principles, conditions, and procedures specified in the ordinance. The board also serves as the Fire Board of Appeals. The board shall exercise other powers and duties as may be required by state law. The findings and determinations of the zoning board of appeals may be reviewed, modified, affirmed, or reversed by five votes of the council upon its own motion, or upon the application therefor by any interested person within thirty days after such findings or determination has been made and entered upon its record.

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