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Master Plans

Open Space & Trails Master Plan

The Open Space and Trails Master Plan is intended to be a comprehensive master plan for the guidance of trail development and open space needs within the current Evans city limits as well as the defined urban growth area as determined by the City Comprehensive Plan, dated May, 2002.

Open Space and Trails Plan 2004

Parks & Recreation Master Plan

The Parks and Recreation Master Plan provides a long-range strategy for meeting the community’s desire for high quality parks and recreation facilities.  The plan, commissioned in 2000, addressed the park and recreation needs of the time and anticipated the needs of a growing population. It also created an operations plan for City recreation staff.  

Since approval of the plan, many of the policies and recommendations in the report have either been put in place or constructed. Thanks to this planning effort the City has been able to provide additional parks and recreation services to the community as it grew from a community of approximately 10,000 people to today's 20,000 plus residents.

As Evans continues to grow and change, the City’s park and recreation facilities will be subject to greater use and it will be important to revisit this master planning effort so that that these facilities keep pace with community needs.
Supporting Documents

Parks and Recreation Master Plan