Current Development

The following applications have been received and are under review. Comments regarding current development applications may be submitted to the Planning Division

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Community Development Hearings and Worksessions
SubjectCase No.TypeCC #Planning CommissionCity Council 2nd City Council
Saddleback AP22-AP-05Resolution
Saddleback DA22-SP-07Agreement
McDonald's SIA22-SP-18Agreement
H & V Farms COZ22-COZ-07Ordinance
H & V Farms SUP 22-SUP-10Resolution
Super Star Car Wash SUP23-SUP-01Resolution
Super Star Car Wash DA23-SUP-01Agreement

Work Sessions
RV Regulation Recap

Land Use Code Update


Abbreviations: AP Amended Plat, COZ Zoning Amendment, DA Development Agreement, SIA Site Improvements Agreement, SUP Special Use Permit, WSA Water Service Agreement


City of Evans Land Use Applications
Case No.ApplicantLocationBrief descriptionStatus
Applications in Process
22-SP-17Robert LujanNW 49th St & 23rd AveSite plan to bring industrial property into compliance1st comments 7/15/22: 2nd comments sent 8/25/22; 3rd comments sent 12/28/22; awaiting resubmittal
22-AP-01, 22-COZ-02,               22-SUP-03Joe KuntzNE 49th St & 23rd AveChange of Zone from I-1 to I-3, Replat, and Special Use Permit for batch plant, outdoor storage and recreation facility to bring property into complianceCOZ comments sent 11/14/22, ready to schedule hearings; SUP and AP comments sent 12/28/22; awaiting resubmittal
22-AP-05; 22-SP-07Saddleback at Tuscany, Evans MF 2 LLCNE corner 37th St & 47th AveMultifamily Site Plan, DA and 2nd Replat (276 dwelling units)2nd comments sent 10/26/22; 3rd comments & DA sent 1/17/23; Staff/applicant reviewing DA/Plat
22-COZ-05Freedom Pkwy, Vector Development LLCSE corner 47th Ave & 37th StChange of Zone from C-1 and C-3 to C-3 and R-3 (originally PUD)1st comments sent 10/17/22; 2nd comments sent 1/24/23; resubmittal received; comments due 3/28/23
22-REDV-03Watermill Express, Mac Management Evans LLC3625 23rd AveSite Plan for an ice and water dispensing kiosk1st comments sent 11/28/22; 2nd comments sent 2/16/23; Resubmittal approved; circulating for signatures
22-AP-04, 22-COZ-07, 22-SP-08, 22-SUP-10H & V Farms, Inc c/o        Jason VieyraSouth of 43rd Street, between Valmont & Brantner (10 lots)Site Plan, SUP, Lot Line AdjustmentComments for AP & COZ sent 11/28/22 and for SP & SUP sent 12/5/22; Resubmittal comments in draft; Mineral owner notice for SUP
22-SUP-11Kyle McConnell, Bryan Spaeth1280 Brantner Road  SUP for parking and outdoor storageComments sent 12/28/22; awaiting resubmittal
22-SP-18McDonald's, Evans Redevelopment AgencySE Corner 31st St & US 85Site Plan for drive-through restaurant1st comments sent 1/11/23; Comments sent 2/24/23; awaiting resubmittal
22-SP-16Drive-through Coffee Shop, Sam's West Inc3341 23rd AveSite Plan for drive-through restaurantApplication complete 12/27/22; Comments sent 2/24/23; Updated 3/2/23; awaiting resubmittal
23-REDV-01Greeley Moose Lodge No. 9093456 11th AveRedevelopment to add RV camping for members (4 spaces)Application complete 12/15/22; Comments sent 2/24/23; awaiting resubmittal
23-SUP-01SuperStar Car WashSE Corner 31st St & US 85SUP for car washApplication complete 2/15/23; Referrals due 3/14/23; Comments in draft
Approved Applications with Unmet Conditions
22-SUP-07Jose Arellano Brantner Rd & W Service Rd (8 lots)SUP with SIA for motor vehicle repair to bring property into complianceCC approved 2/7/23; signed SIA received; awaiting site plan for recording
22-SP-04Village Park Apartments1655 37th StApartment buildingApproved in 2020, awaiting final docs for recording
21-BLA-01Idaho/Denver at 42nd Street42nd and IdahoConsolidation of 14 old town lots into 10 lots for infill developmentApproved 4/2021, meeting held 2/23 to discuss DA; response in draft; 6/2023 deadline to record
22-FINAL-02Evans Junction Final PlatSW Corner of 31st Street & US 85Final Plat & DAPlat recorded 1/30/23, DA to be completed this Spring
21-FINAL-01Grapevine Hollow 2nd FG Outlot 11, ZTS Construction IncChardonnay and Laguna Street/ Court SE cornerSubdivide Outlot 11 (former oil and gas site)Conditional approval 2021; Applicant to provide DA, LOC, executed CDs & Final Plat; comments on final docs sent 11/2022; DA revised 3/2023


Cases in bold are in active review by the City. Cases not bolded are awaiting action from the applicant.