Irrigation Guidelines

Some developments within the City of Evans have non-potable water systems that provide irrigation water.  The non-potable water for these systems are provided by a number of sources.  Some are supplied from the Evans Ditch system, while others are provided water through other Irrigation Ditch Companies.  The timing of the water from the other Irrigation Ditch Companies is determined by water rights owners that have senior water rights and that place orders for irrigation water.  The City of Evans does not control when this irrigation water may be available, however, the City of Evans will supply these affected developments with Potable Water until such time as the non-potable irrigation water becomes available.

Since the City of Evans is providing potable water to these systems, the City will be charging potable water rates until the non-potable irrigation water becomes available, at which time the City will switch these systems from potable water to non-potable water.

Irrigation Specifications

Lawn and Grass Specifications

Standards for Raw Water Irrigation Systems