Seasonal Recommendations

Check back here seasonally for updates on how you can make the largest impact on your water use each season.

Summer Conservation Tips:

Summer is here and it is important we continue to prioritize efficient water use and conservation. Nearly 40% of water used in Evans is used outdoors during the summer! Let's work to reduce that and only use the water we really need.

Summer Yard Care Tips:

  • In the heat of the summer lawns still only need to be watered about 3 times a week. Click “The simplest way to regulate lawn watering” tab at this link from Denver Water to see how long you need to water based on your sprinkler type and month of summer.

  • Water early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid water loss from evaporation. See our seasonal Watering Restrictions.

  • Consider recent rainfall when deciding when to water.

  • Give your garden a mid summer spruce up! Adding 1-2 inches of mulch around plants can encourage water retention to keep plants hydrated without needing water as often. Plus, fresh mulch looks great!

  • Keeping the lawn just a bit longer than usual can provide shade and protection to the roots which helps increase water retention. This allows you to water less! In Colorado 2.5-3-inch-tall grass is usually perfect.