Seasonal Recommendations

Check back here seasonally for updates on how you can make the largest impact on your water use each season.

Winter Conservation Tips

While your irrigation system is off and plants are dormant, winter is the time to look at indoor water use. Take a day to look at your fixtures, do any of them need to be upgraded to reduce waste or fix drips? Check your toilet with a dye tablet to ensure it doesn’t have a silent leak.  

Additional Cold Weather Tips:

  • Know where the main water shut off is in your home. Should a leak occur you can stop it quickly while you repair the leak or seek professional assistance. 
  • Insulate expose pipes to reduce risk of damage and leaks.
  • Check for leaks after each thaw (water spigots, exposed pipes, irrigation systems if not yet winterized).
  • Drip sinks that are on outer walls. Catch the drips in a large bowl or pan to use for watering indoor plants or cooking.