Transportation Plan

 Transportation is a major component of community planning, and in response to the recent growth in the area, the City of Evans chose to update its Transportation Plan in 2004. This plan contains recommendations and guidelines for various areas of transportation planning. It contains a multi-modal network plan that is intended to accommodate projected growth through the year 2030, and it includes a list of projects that would be necessary to realize the plan. It also contains guidelines that would assist staff and policy makers in reviewing development and transportation improvements. It is also intended that this plan be flexible enough to accommodate future revisions and adjustments as conditions dictate.

The study for the Transportation Plan covers various elements of transportation including:

  • Inventory of Existing Transportation Facilities
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities
  • Street Network and Street Typical Sections
  • Access Management and Traffic Calming Guidelines
  • Travel Demand for the Year 2030
  • Adequate Public Facilities Plan (APFP)
  • Traffic Impact Fees (separate report)

Evans Transportation Plan