Save on Your Water Bill

Colorado is known for its dry climate, because, well, it's dry! Water is a precious resource that is vital to life and difficult to harness. Based on current predictions, by 2050 the gap between water supply and demand for municipal use in Colorado will be notable. Conservation is a critical component in ensuring our community maintains an affordable and healthy future. As a start, the City of Evans aims to decrease water use 10% by 2028. That’s a real challenge, because the community is currently growing by 2-3% per year.

Take a look at the City of Evans Municipal Water Efficiency Plan for more information about what the City is planning for the future in water.

Check out some of the associated tabs like Seasonal Recommendations or Water Conservation Programs to learn more about what you can do to preserve this life-giving resource. All of these recommendations not only preserve our water supply, but help lower your water bill as well!