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Planning Division

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Proposed Future Land Use Map

Existing Future Land Use Map (2022)

What's Changing? 

1. The southern boundary matches the urban growth boundary on the approved Three Mile Plan, which was changed earlier this year to reflect natural site constraints and annexations by Milliken.

2. Mixed use was added to the 257 corridor to provide for potential commercial growth, but in a way that wouldn’t exclude residential growth. Future land uses were similarly modified along Two Rivers Parkway (77th Ave).

3. A commercial node was added at the intersection of 49th Street and Two Rivers Parkway.

4. Estate was replaced with Rural/Agriculture along the bluffs, as even Estate-level density is not expected in these hard to access and service areas.

5. A commercial node was added at and around the intersection of Two Rivers Parkway and Highway 60, as this is a highly trafficked area.

6. The commercial node at County Road 44 and Highway 60 was downgraded to Mixed Use, as there are not immediate development plans in this area, and it would be difficult to serve with sanitary sewer.

7. Open Space areas were reduced along the rivers to better match land to be undeveloped. The usable land was replaced with a Rural/Agriculture designation. This better reflects the farming and gravel mining operations taking place in these areas.

8. Open Space areas were added in several places, including along the Ashcroft Draw, to better reflect a continuous green space protection plan.

9. Estate was extended to Neville’s Crossing, Dos Rios and Arrowhead subdivisions and adjacent lands to indicate the expectation of compatible low density residential growth and the desire of City Council for increased middle to higher income housing options.

10. Open Space was amended to follow the floodway in and around the industrial park, to discourage development in natural areas.


Planning Commission will review suggested amendments to the Future Land Use Map on May 28, 2024 at 6pm. 

City Council will review their recommendations on June 18, 2024 at a work session. If the amendments are satisfactory, City Council will vote to adopt the new plan later this summer. 

The Planning Division provides guidance and coordination for all land planning and development activities throughout the City. We work to foster and support an environment where development and businesses can flourish and are reflective of the Master Plans and the Land Development Code.

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