Animal Licensing

Licensing Requirements.
The owner, keeper, harborer, or any other person who has assumed the responsibility for any dog or cat within the City shall secure a license for such dog or cat from the City Clerk. No license shall be required for any dog or cat under the age of six months. No license shall be required for seeing eye dogs. The City does not ban specific dog breeds.

Rabies vaccination certificate required. In order to entitle any applicant to a license, such applicant shall produce and display to the City Clerk a certificate issued by a licensed doctor of veterinary medicine certifying that the dog or cat has been vaccinated for rabies, and that such vaccination is current. If you mail the Animal Licensing form in, you need to include a copy of your pet's rabies vaccination. Proof must accompany this form of spay/neuter.

It is unlawful for any owner, keeper, harborer, or any other person to keep, maintain, harbor or possess in any one household, a combined total of more than four pet animals within the City of Evans.

Animal Licensing Fees

(payments made to "City of Evans"

1 yr. - non-fertile$10.00
2 yr. - non-fertile$15.00
3 yr. - non-fertile$20.00
1 yr. - fertile$15.00
2 yr. - fertile$25.00
3 yr. - fertile$30.00
Replacement Tag$5.00


Animal License Application

Animal Variance Application