Cemetery Rules and Regulations

The following are rules and regulations for decoration of lots, which include plants, trees, shrubs, flowers and borders:

The Parks Division has exclusive authority in the planting of all trees, shrubs, plants, flowers and grass for ornamentation of the cemetery.

Planting of trees, shrubs, plants, flowers, grass and any other type of item is prohibited!

Temporary markers, homemade markers, wooden markers or ornaments shall not be allowed The use of tiles, bricks, gravel, crushed rock, oyster shells, cinders or other material on any lot in the cemetery is strictly forbidden. Any of these used may be removed by the City without prior notice to the lot owner.

Fences, railings, curbs, hedges and other bordering of spaces are not allowed. Nothing shall be placed upon lots and graves other than flowers, vases containing flowers, wreaths, flags and other temporary decoration. Flowers, vases containing flowers, wreaths, flags or other temporary decoration may be placed on the ground in front of the columbarium niches but can not be temporarily or permanently attached to the surface of the columbarium. These will be removed and disposed of by cemetery crews, at their sole discretion, when they become dead, faded, broken or anything of a similar nature (particularly artificial flowers) without prior notice to the lot owner.

If any trees, shrubs, bushes or flowers growing on any space or lot shall become detrimental, in the sole discretion of the Parks Division, to adjacent lots or spaces, walkways or roads or in anyway interferes with the general design of the cemetery, they will be removed without notice.

Other Articles
The placing of boxes, shells, stones, boulders, toys, metal designs, ornaments, chairs, settees, unattached vases, glass, urns, fences, wood or metal cases and similar articles upon lots shall not be permitted.

Liability and Regulation of Decorations.
The City of Evans shall not be held liable for lost, misplaced or broken flower vases or for damage by the elements, thieves, vandals or by causes beyond its control. The City reserves the right to regulate the method of decorating lots and the right to remove any decoration so that a uniform beauty may be maintained.

For the complete Rules and Regulations, see the attachment listed at the bottom of this web page.

City of Evans Cemetery Rules and Regulations