Cemetery FAQs

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General FAQs
Are lots available at the cemetery?

Yes, there are currently lots available.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, we require a deposit of 25% of the lot and the balance must be paid within one calendar year.

May opening and closing charges be paid in advance?

No. Since the fee is based on labor charges, it must be paid at the time of need.

Is a burial vault required?

Yes, a concrete vault is required.

May we plant a tree?

Please contact our office at (970) 339-4081 x. 100 for specific information.

May flowers be planted on plots?

No. Flowers may only be planted in plant pots.  No plantings of shrubs or bushes (rose) are allowed.

Is a cremation urn permitted in the same plot with an existing burial?

Yes, with written authorization from the plot owner, and upon payment of opening and closing charges.

Do you have a Columbarium?

The Cemetery has a Columbarium for urns.

Can I place a monument on my loved ones burial space?

Yes. All foundations and monuments must be set by a monument company.  Only monuments constructed of granite and marble are allowed.