Liquor Licensing

Obtaining a liquor license in the City of Evans is a privilege, not a right. Liquor licenses are issued by the State and the City of Evans.

The City can not issue the local license until the State has reviewed and approved the application and issued the State license.

Application packets are available at the City Clerk's Office for $25. You may stop by our office to pick one up. Our office is located at the Evans Community Complex, 1100 37th Street. You may also contact us at (970) 475-1104 or by email Julie Kamka: with any questions you may have. Before submitting a completed application and to insure prompt and efficient processing of your application, please call the number listed above to schedule an appointment. For additional information on liquor licenses, please visit the Colorado Liquor Enforcement website.

Specific questions should be directed to

Special Events Permit

This permit will allow qualified non-profit entities or political candidates to sell, serve or distribute alcoholic beverages in conjunction with fund raising and other activities while insuring full compliance with all applicable state and local laws and ordinances.

Special Events Permits are issued by the City of Evans.  State approval is no longer needed.

Fees: $100.00 Per Application

           $25 per day (Liquor)
           $10 per day (Fermented Malt Beverage)

Special Event Permit Application