Operations Division

The Operations Division of the Public Works Department is the one of the most diversified divisions within the City's organization.  The following is a brief description of the duties and responsibilities held within this division.  Click on the blue text below for more information.
STREETS: The repair and maintenance of approximately 90 miles of paved roadway and 10 miles of unpaved roadways. Duties include snow moving, sweeping, patching, concrete repairs, sign maintenance, traffic control, street grading and other related items. Right-of-way maintenance includes mowing and weed control.

POTABLE WATER: The delivery of safe consumable water.  The repair and maintenance of the water delivery system.  All testing and inspection of services pertaining to the potable water system.  Maintenance and installation of the City’s water meters and meter reading equipment.

NON-POTABLE WATER:  The delivery of water for irrigation purposes. The repair and maintenance of all delivery lines. Testing and inspections of entire system. Maintenance and installation of the City’s non-potable water meters and meter reading equipment. Ordering the delivery of non-potable water and ensuring that all water supply storage facilities are supplied.

GRAVITY FLOW IRRIGATION: The delivery of gravity feed water for irrigation purposes. Maintenance of the  entire system including all structures and control equipment. Ordering and and keeping the system supplied with adequate water.

FLEET MAINTENANCE:  Perform general maintenance of the City’s fleet that includes approximately 78 vehicles, 11 large pieces of equipment and 76 pieces of assorted smaller equipment. Keep records and initiate processes and procedures in order to insure proper maintenance. Maintain fuel delivery system and overall facilities operations.

PARKS:  Maintain all city Parks and Rights of Ways.  These operations include mowing, trimming, irrigation, installation of signage and the maintenance and installation of playground equipment. The city’s 11 parks encompasses approximately 220 acres of land, including two new parks in the Tuscany subdivision. The City was on the leading edge in developing Freedom Park a park specifically for dogs which we are proud to say was built “in house.”

FORESTRY:  Insure that the City-owned trees are healthy and maintained at all times. Actions include pruning, trimming, spraying and removal.

CEMETERY MAINTENANCE:  Burials, maintenance of grounds to include irrigation systems, roadways, signage and foliage.

All of the above responsibilities and duties are taken care of by staff of 11 full time employees with additional seasonal staff added during the summer seasons.

Furthermore, all Operations personnel are aware of the citizens we serve and are trained in customer service. Since we spend most of our time out in the field, we realize that we are often on the leading edge of communications between the residents and the City and are willing to share any information we have with the people of Evans.

The Evans Operations Center is located at 1958 40th Street.  For more information call (970) 339-4081.