Street Lighting

Xcel Energy is responsible for the installation, repair and maintenance of street lighting within Evans.

Do you know of any City street lights that are out at night or on during the day? If so, you can report it directly to Xcel Energy.

To report an outage, go to or call 1.800.895.1999.

Please be sure you have the following information to help expedite the process:

  • A property address where the light pole is located. If no address is available the nearest cross streets will do.
  • The pole number. This is the set of numbers (a 2 or 3 digit number over another 2 or 3 digit number) on the pole. The set of numbers are yellow.
  • The issue with the light. Is it out? Is it on all the time? Is the cover falling off? 

Thank you for reporting these street light outages and making Evans a safer place.

 To view Evans Street Light Detail Drawings click HERE.