Snow Removal on Evans Streets

With a population north of 20,000 residents and close to 100 miles of streets, the City is serious about snow removal and ice control.

Our fleet of snow removal equipment is ready to roll when snow is in forecast. Sanders spread a mixture of sand and salt. Plows move snow when snow depth and estimated accumulation indicate the need to plow. When snow plowing is necessary, it is done on a priority basis. Major arterials are plowed first, and then minor arterials are plowed as a second priority. With almost 100 miles of streets to maintain it is not possible to plow all of the streets with every snowfall. Residential streets are sanded and will be plowed only in emergency situations. The map provided above details priority routes.

Residents are required by ordinance to clear sidewalks (including those crossing alleys and driveways) within 24 hours after each snowfall. Please pile the snow in your yard, not in the street. If your sidewalk is icy, you may correct the hazard by applying sand, snow de-icer, or cat litter. When residents fail to clear their sidewalks, the results can be a treacherous ice patch. We need your help in protecting pedestrians from possible injury.

If you wish to report a hazardous sidewalk, please call Code Enforcement Monday thru Friday at (970) 475-1115.

City of Evans Snow and Ice Plan

Snow Route Map