All construction development, repair or adjustments affecting city infrastructure within the City of Evans must adhere to current standards. The Comprehensive Drainage Study (CDS) for the City of Evans, Volume II contains materials for guidance in design, review, and construction of public improvements to the stormwater drainage system in or under the public rights-of-way and easements.

The City of Evans Drainage Criteria Manual  and  the Master Drainage Plan  can be downloaded here.

The City of Evans Comprehensive Drainage Study references the Urban Drainage Criteria Manual in several locations. The Urban Drainage Criteria Manual is published by the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District. Engineers will need to consult both manuals to prepare a complete drainage evaluation. The Urban Drainage Criteria Manual can be found on their website, for more information and for specialized design software.

Hard copies of both volumes of the City of Evans Comprehensive Drainage Study can be obtained from the City of Evans for a printing charge of $50.00. Our offices are located at:

City of Evans Public Works Department
1100 37th Street
Evans, CO. 80620
(970) 475-1170